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At the Heart of Dundee

Both in its current state and its potential for the future, the centre occupies a central position within the City. This cherished place holds numerous memories for residents of Dundee and individuals from surrounding areas, serving as a testament to its robust identity as a location that transcends mere commercial activities. This connection presents a remarkable opportunity to exemplify a novel and more sustainable lifestyle—one that encompasses not only work and commerce but also a deep sense of care. This period of significant transformation calls for precisely this kind of model, one that can lead the way towards a future characterised by conscientious living, purposeful work, and genuine care for others.

With aspirations to forge deeper connections with its historical roots within the city, the centre strives to be a constant open ear for stories and conversations, in hopes of fostering a greater sense of community in the city centre. This endeavour seeks to establish The Keiller Centre not only as a commercial entity but also as a cultural and creative nucleus, where the tales of the city intersect and flourish.

Our Three C's

At the heart of The Keiller Centre's ethos lie the values encapsulated in 'The Three C's' —Community, Care, and Culture. These values guide every aspect of the centre’s operations, fostering a strong sense of belonging and togetherness within the community, prioritising the well-being and support of each individual, and celebrating the diverse tapestry of cultural and artistic expressions that enrich the centre’s environment.

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Connecting with Dundee

Deeply involved with Dundee’s lively community, The Keiller Centre fosters meaningful relationships with people throughout the city. By providing a dynamic hub for interaction, it reinforces the connections linking the centre, its heritage, and local residents together.

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Supporting the future

Driven by a profound commitment to nurture and support others, The Keiller Centre’s focus is on building a stronger future. Its endeavours reflect a genuine aspiration to uplift and empower the people of Dundee for the times ahead.

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Inclusivity in art & culture

Seeking to enhance Dundee's cultural significance, The Keiller Centre endeavours to foster art and culture by granting entry to creative avenues for all, thereby ensuring inclusive participation in all that this creative city has to offer.

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